Christ Renews His Parish


Men’s Retreat
Friday evening - Saturday

Nov 22-23, 2013

Call Jim: 649-6340

Women’s Retreat
MAY 31-JUNE 1, 2014

Call Victoria: 214-714-1420

Call to sign up NOW! Space is limited!

Christ Renews St. Joseph’s Parish!

What is it?

It’s a weekend renewal program to bring members of the parish closer together in Christ.

What happens?

Most who have participated in the weekend experience say, “you can’t explain what happens; you just have to experience it!” This is your invitation to this experience.

Who can attend?

Every member of St. Joseph’s Parish is invited. Registration is limited to 25 for each retreat, so sign up fast! You must be at least 18 years old to attend.

How long is it?

From 8am Saturday through 4pm Sunday. Sunday Mass will be included.

What about Meals?

Everything is provided for you. Let us know of your dietary needs while signing up.

... And Beds, Accommodations, etc.?

Just bring a sleeping bag, pillow, and toiletries such as toothbrush & toothpaste!

Is there a Dress code?

Come in your most comfortable clothes.

What about my family/kids?
This is for YOU. Give yourself a well deserved spiritual retreat, and allow your family/spouse to take care of themselves/the kids for two days. They won’t starve without you!

Is there a cost?


There is NO reason not to go! If you feel the slightest desire to go, or if you are suddenly scared to go - those might be signs that this retreat, at this time, is for you. If God wants you to attend this retreat, don’t deny Him the blessings that He has for you. Just come in faith, knowing that God knows what He’s doing... and call the contacts at the top of this page to sign up!